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[Excerpts from a Worgen Adventurer’s Journal]

… I never thought that behind its diminutive Wall Verian Wrynn could see so little of his kingdom but the man must just be that blind. If the ills of Elwynn Forrest aren’t apparent to him then it comes as no shock to me what has befallen the once fertile lands of Westfall. Upon my arrival there I found a grizzly scene. A family and their horse murdered.  Investigators from Stormwind surrounded the area and I chose to offer my assistance in the matter.  If the changed landscape and the environmental upheaval are anything to show what has changed physically about the area it equally reflects the change in the inhabitants.

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Like some beast you find at the bottom of a Chinese stair case that got beat with the ugly stick for a hundred years. Then assumes the one with the stick had to be you so he takes pleasure gnawing on you.

If you really care to hear more, check the content after the cut. Otherwise here’s this week’s list that is well already almost done.


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While working on a Worgen Druid in the Beta I came across this random book… A Faded Journal. Now this is most certainly a lovely chunk of Lore and I thought I ought to share it with folks. It might change, it may go away… but it’s still rather cool.

Read the Journal after a visit from Inconspicuous Bear

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Finally someone gets it!

Recently my guild, Wyrmfoe, got itself into the Cataclysm Beta. I’ve been in about a week and met up with a few interesting issues but it is Beta, if it isn’t broke it will be.

I wanted to start off with an overview of the new Cata starting zone Vas’jir. The area is for 80 to 83 and takes place almost entirely under water. At the center of the lore in the area are three major factions – The Earthen Ring, The Naga and the Minions of the Old Gods. The zone takes place fully under water and features some wonderful new quest designs, beautiful zones, more lore than you can fit in a tuna can, and for us hunters sweet new creatures to tame… or wish we could tame anyway.

So grab your diving helmet and take the plunge behind the cut.

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