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I’ll be gone for a while this week and Internet or consciousness will be questionable as I am going on a road trip to work. Also in other news my Father wrecked my car and its unknown when it will be fixed.

Fear the Mind Controled Moo!

These last two weeks with the 10 man I run in ICC we had a guest, Arth from the WHU, came and Pet Tanked Sindragosa! It was awesome! Check out his article over at WHU and his vid attached. We were very happy to have him with us and will miss him a lot. We still have the baby hunter WHU guild but its a bit different.

I’m also working on ideas for Blizzard’s writing contest and was wondering if other people are partaking this year. I’d love to hear from you.

Anyway back to cleaning up the shop and painting.


This past week has been a bit hectic hopefully this week will be less suck…

With a heavy heart and a rather quickly growing agenda I’ll have to put off the construction of MOLL-E for now. I don’t want to but real work is suddenly gone from nothing to well I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this right now kinda busy. So until stuff settles out here, which may not be till after Blizzcon now if projections are correct, my crafting projects are put on hold.

Hate to disappoint but I will get it done… eventually.

*bounces around* I got tickets! I got tickets! Woooooo!

I’m a little more broke now and the rest of the year is going to somehow be miraculously slim when it comes to spending. I’ll have to make my contacts as to my friend who is going with me, the potential pair of people coming with for the vacation end, the airline tickets… Oh don’t forget the 2 weddings just before the convention!!

Oh and you know actual work…

just a short list of things to do

As you can see that’s a fair amount of stuff to do and get done and started… but don’t worry it will get nailed down and done.

I’ll keep you posted!


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