So we meet again...


So I promised I’d write more on the PVE aspects of 4.3 but we haven’t gotten a lot of info about it just yet. We have, however, seen two major posts about the other stuff… namely Transmogrification and Void Storage. It’s done some weird things on my server too…

You see a lot of people are stoked for the ability to make their gear look different and its prompted a massive rush to do old content for equipment. The theory is that you have to have the gear in order to change it. This was kind of confirmed by the post about the void storage, which implies it’s where you could store the items you’d use for the Transmogrification process. The Void storage itself is a set 80 slot storage space, which when items are stored at a price lose their enchants and gems as well as reset anything you’ve reforged.

You can take it back out again but it has a fee. The current charge they are thinking of putting down is like 300g per item. Bit steep in my opinion actually but in theory you won’t be pulling things back out. It serves as long time storage which could be useful. Not as awesome for roll players as previously thought but for gear sets you don’t use or things you wanna hang onto but don’t wanna have to abuse bank space for. I still think it will be worth it but it does point out strongly towards needing the equipment in order to change the look of things.

This has caused some slight insanity on a lot of servers. Namely the running of old content for drops. Now back on MG this happens all the time. Its an RP server, people want items to make costumes and such, so there’s a lot of pugging and gear grabbing. I never had too many positive experiences with gear pugs but it seems to be happening more and more even on a normal realm. A few folks, like the DKs in my guild, are frustrated with it mostly due to the fact that only in Wrath are their tier sets and cool looking armor. You can have any armor of the same class true but why look like a warrior or paladin when you’re a bad ass mo fo DK? Well I can think of reasons but that is besides the point.

We’ll see where this goes from here. Till then its back to argument for stuff that doesn’t matter in current content. Vanity apparently matters more than friends and being cool with one another.