Like some beast you find at the bottom of a Chinese stair case that got beat with the ugly stick for a hundred years. Then assumes the one with the stick had to be you so he takes pleasure gnawing on you.

If you really care to hear more, check the content after the cut. Otherwise here’s this week’s list that is well already almost done.


The reason over said guilt is that I might have to pass up a family event to make it to Blizzcon. While part of me feels super guilty and ought to be asking if he wants some A1 to go with that ankle part of me also is thinking that the side of the fam that I’ll be missing well… its too much to keep up with them. And I live near most of them… you know burn out.

Besides avoiding Canada saves me somewhere around $1500. A trip I can handle on a much smaller budget. Not to mention the whole going across boarders thing. This brings my trip down a lot and much shorter time. That’s ok though. I think I can live with it This could also be a great opportunity for me to learn more about what it takes to be part of the industry and from today’s emotional roller-coaster of emotions and plans well a good reality check for lil’ ol me.