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I won’t lie… I have a soft spot for my first toon and her class. Hunters are a wonderful class and can pull off a lot of crazy things… then again they can also end up being ‘that guy’ in a party. So for all their good and bad let me point out some recent hunter awesome that’s happened on my home server.

First off I want to thank Frostheim from the Warcraft Hunters Union and for putting together the alt guild WHU and organizing our events. Frost is an uncommonly good looking dwarf though honestly I see the back of him more often than not because I enjoy standing as far from the action as I can. Not due to cowardice or anything… I just enjoy a good view of the entire fight and want to find my feign death spot faster when a wipe is called for.

Anyway one of our recent events was a lvl 10 all hunter raid on Emeriss the world dragon. The WHU had already done a lvl 1 hunter raid on Ysondre and Hogger a few months back [Watch video]. The level 10 raid included everyone’s pets, a very long run and a whole lot of lag. Distances were traveled, enemies fought… awesome was done and fun was had. [You can read Frost’s account here]. I spent the majority of my time on my Warlock Dawnqui to help with summoning and keeping some semblance of order. Our night wound up over at the Stonewall Damn in Loch Modan, firing off fireworks, having a grand ol time and ending the evening with a lemming like leap off the damn and the waterfalls below.

Logisticly getting 250+ to 300+ people organized and to listen is well… not happening. The frustration was palpable over vent but in the end it was a lot of fun.

This is a small slide show of some of the images I managed to snap.

But the insanity did not stop there.

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