Short post really to inform you now that life has calmed down a lot… and a lot has happened believe me… I’ll be getting back in the saddle of writing for this blog.

Things like moving, new roommates, deaths in the family, new expansions, job troubles… you know life and such just tends to gum up the works.

I plan to post weekly on Wednesdays maybe a special feature on weekends if I have the time.

Things to expect are topics and posts about the following list of ideas:

So you call yourself a Dungeoneer? – Hunter tips for the Cata dungeons and how to survive them

The Daily Grind: Looks at the daily quests, easy ways to do them, and why you might want to care.

Running with the Pack: Updates and progress as well as observations about my raid team, Silver Pack, and where we’re going… and where we aren’t. Occasional camio and comparisons with the other raid team in my guild.

Shooting into the Darkness: The joys of being a hunter in cataclysm from Alihandra’s point of view.

Dude where is Dawnqui?: A look at things on the Horde side since I play mostly Alliance.

On the Prowl: Postcards and screen shots from a Druid’s point of view.

Fire and Ice: Lame title is lame… stories, anecdotes and tales from my little lock and project:Mage.

Powder Keg: Progress and shenanigans from my WHU Hunter Kaywinnet!

Power Word Project: Leveling a Priest, the squishy of squishy, and why a hunter ought to care.

I also plan to do some work with you folks out there *taps screen* Yeah you guys. From art and story features to stories, and maybe even a contest over the in game holidays.

Anyway that’s the plan and I am sticking to it… if I don’t I’ll end up going batty.

See you around!