[Excerpts from a Worgen Adventurer’s Journal]

… I never thought that behind its diminutive Wall Verian Wrynn could see so little of his kingdom but the man must just be that blind. If the ills of Elwynn Forrest aren’t apparent to him then it comes as no shock to me what has befallen the once fertile lands of Westfall. Upon my arrival there I found a grizzly scene. A family and their horse murdered.  Investigators from Stormwind surrounded the area and I chose to offer my assistance in the matter.  If the changed landscape and the environmental upheaval are anything to show what has changed physically about the area it equally reflects the change in the inhabitants.

While interviewing some locals about the scene, and parting with some money, I gained some insight not only to the case but the problems facing the people of this last kingdom of humans.

A homeless woman, once a resident of Stormwind herself, had this to say.

“Listen, Pal. I don’t want any trouble, ok? I didn’t see who murdered ‘em, but I sure heard it! Lot of yelling, Human voices… you dig? Now get out of here before I change my mind about beating you up and takin’ your shoes.”

The next person I apparently bothered informed me he would tell nothing and attacked with a broken bottle. After beating him unconscious I felt I ought to have just dispatched the poor man. Children – swarming like a pack of street dogs – fell upon his body and stripped it of anything valuable before I could so much as get out of the way. These packs of ragamuffins are a lot tougher than they look. I will have to be wary as to where I sleep tonight.

… Got word from a Transient I spoke to this evening. Stopped at my camp and I shared a meal and got some further insight to the case. This is what he had to say:

“I didn’t see who killed ‘em, bub, but I got a Whiff. Smelled rich, kinda like you. Damn shame too. Furlbrows were a fixture around here. Nice people, always willing to share a meal or a patch of dirt.”

I don’t know how ‘rich’ a druid of the scythe smells to people but apparently my meager savings from Gilneas is a King’s random here. I’ll try again in the morning. It’s difficult to write in a tree.

Westfall Day 2

… and I’ll never sleep near Gnolles again. Just a bad idea. This morning’s investigation hasn’t gone any better. Apparently everyone else woke up with an arrow in the arse like I did. The first transient I came across not only disliked how close I was to his mine cart but had a lot to say about who might have truly killed the Furlbrows.

“Who killed the Furlbrows? I’ll tell you who killed the Furlbrows: King Verian Wrynn, that’s who! And he’s killin’ the rest of us too. One bum at a time. The only thing I can tell you is that I saw some gnolls leavin’ the place a few hours before the law arrived.”

A gent who identified himself as a ‘West Planes Drifter’ came up to me asking for a hand out before telling me his story…

“Between you, me, and the tree, murlocs killed the Furlbrows. Yep, saw ‘em with my own two eyes. Think they’d been casin’ the joint for days, maybe months. They left in a hurry once they got wind of “Johnny Law” and the idiot brigade over there…”

I don’t know how much credit I put in murlocs killing the family, and from personal experience Gnolls seem to be more looters but anyone else I’ve talked to is either tight lipped or being picked over by a pack of kids right about now. I’ll take my findings back to Investigator Lane shortly.

Westfall Day 4

… Traveled south towards Sentinel Hill this morning. Came across a sign ‘No transients’ was the short version of its notice along with a line of armed guards protecting the perimeter of the area from the homeless. These soldiers have recently returned from the expedition in Northrend to deal with the Scourge and it appears that the campaign has left them scared but also a bit more well off. The general consensus around the area is that unless you were a soldier or part of their support you spent all your coin and lost your land. The Hill is much more fortified than anywhere else in the area. Honestly if they just put the people begging at their gates to work this wouldn’t be a problem. There is a worgen – Ripsnarl – in stocks at the base of the tower. He apparently doesn’t want to talk very much even to one of his own kind.

A girl named Hope in the tower asked if I’d distribute some stew to the people at the gates. She’s a kind young woman and if I had the means to I most likely would have before I even arrived.

Westfall day 9

The investigation continues and is pointing disturbingly in the direction of a group of people once known as the Defias Brotherhood. Formerly the Stonemasons, they rebuilt Stormwind after the Orcs burnt it to the ground. They went rogue following a denial of payment by the Stormwind Nobles. They ran a large operation spanning from the fields of Northshire, the Raven Hill Cemetery and occupied the town of Moonbrook. From what I’ve managed to get out of some of the vendors who are permitted on the Hill they had a plot to send a ship to destroy Stormwind all over again. The area known as the Deadmines was their base of operation yet now it’s just full of homeless and small time crooks. I was sent in to look at some of the propaganda and see what information I could gain from Moonbrook. I prowled around and managed to go mostly unnoticed. Those who did notice me won’t be reporting to anyone to tell anyway.

[Found in the journal are pieces of paper: a pamphlet, a poster, and an article from a news paper sewn to the pages of the journal.]

-Mysterious Propaganda-

“The hour of our redemption draws ever closer, brothers and sisters! Tonight we shall shed the shell of our former lives and be reborn as heroes! –V”

-Informational Pamphlet-

“Give a man a tabard and he will pledge his undying loyalty to your cause. These men are now government sheep who care not for your hardships. They will wear the tabard of their leader and care only for what he desires. –V”

-Pages of the Moonbrook Times-

“Group of homeless Samaritans brutally murdered behind Furlbrow farm” [Note at side of page] In truth they were bandits who were talking about being hired by a mysterious woman and speaking of her cause. It was self defense.

“Witnesses state that the four men killed at the Furlbrow’s farm were on their way to delivering dirt piles to a shelter on the east coast when attacked. Jimb “Candles” McHannigan, an eyewitness on the scene, had this to say. “Yep, I saw the whole thing go down with my own two eyes. Was a male druid. He looked like he may have been on something [Note: sleep deprivation…bloody gnolls]. He slaughtered the poor bums in broad daylight [Note: it was midnight!] while shouting obscenities and proclaiming his love for Stormwind and King Verian Wrynn. [Note: I was in cat form…] Think he may have killed Lou immediately afterwards I was too [page too torn to read] see.”

As for Two Shoe Lou he was killed shortly after I dealt with the bandits before I returned, even if it was just around the corner. Besides if I killed him there’d be a lot more claw marks. Not a single stab wound.

-Page from a secret journal-

“I can hardly believe it. We’ve endured this torment for four long years but soon it will be over. The Brotherhood will be reborn and we will then wash across the land as a flood to cleanse it of its filth and corruption.”

Going to stay in town tonight, hidden of course, to see what happens. There are a lot of people gathering.

…woken from an impromptu cat nap by the sound of a crowd talking. I prowled outside and hid on a roof to listen to a hooded woman speak atop a hay cart.

“Gather brothers and sisters! Come, all, and listen! Brothers. Sisters. we are ABANDONED. The orphaned children of Stormwind. Our ‘king’ sits atop his throne of gold and shrugs at our plight! Meanwhile, our children die of starvation on these very streets! HIS war, not ours, cost us our livelihood. WE paid for the Alliance’s victories with our blood and the blood of our loved ones! The time has come, brothers and sisters, to stop this injustice! The government of Stormwind, of the ALLIANCE, must be made accountable for what it has done to us! Today, we are reborn! Today we take a stand as men and women, not nameless, faceless numbers!”

The woman held aloft a tattered bandit mask, like a flag, colored red with darker spots. I think it was blood.

I must report back…

[The rest… well you’ll have to just play through Westfall to learn the rest.]