I won’t lie… I have a soft spot for my first toon and her class. Hunters are a wonderful class and can pull off a lot of crazy things… then again they can also end up being ‘that guy’ in a party. So for all their good and bad let me point out some recent hunter awesome that’s happened on my home server.

First off I want to thank Frostheim from the Warcraft Hunters Union and WoW.com for putting together the alt guild WHU and organizing our events. Frost is an uncommonly good looking dwarf though honestly I see the back of him more often than not because I enjoy standing as far from the action as I can. Not due to cowardice or anything… I just enjoy a good view of the entire fight and want to find my feign death spot faster when a wipe is called for.

Anyway one of our recent events was a lvl 10 all hunter raid on Emeriss the world dragon. The WHU had already done a lvl 1 hunter raid on Ysondre and Hogger a few months back [Watch video]. The level 10 raid included everyone’s pets, a very long run and a whole lot of lag. Distances were traveled, enemies fought… awesome was done and fun was had. [You can read Frost’s account here]. I spent the majority of my time on my Warlock Dawnqui to help with summoning and keeping some semblance of order. Our night wound up over at the Stonewall Damn in Loch Modan, firing off fireworks, having a grand ol time and ending the evening with a lemming like leap off the damn and the waterfalls below.

Logisticly getting 250+ to 300+ people organized and to listen is well… not happening. The frustration was palpable over vent but in the end it was a lot of fun.

This is a small slide show of some of the images I managed to snap.

But the insanity did not stop there.

Recently 5 members of the WHU chose to do the improbable and horrifically daunting task of laying siege to Gnomergan. We had 2 manned Wailing Caverns, 3 Manned ( ok 2 man 1 woman…ed ) Deadmines and some other members had already taken out Stockades with 5 hunters. Gnomer presented the hardest, most daunting PvE challenge to us level 19 twinks so naturally we HAD to do it.

So in we went, my guild mates Bella, Hrist, Frost and Arth and our pets just to see if we could do it. We had some pitfalls along the way and some interesting discoveries. Like the wonders of a Ravager’s stun (Go Go Gorramit! ) the priest gnomes in the Clean Room if you drag something over there will heal and buff you, and our aggro range is something in the vicinity of an Atomic Bomb’s fall out radius. We used a ton of tricks, took advantage of terrain and the few skills we had and in the end we saw the first boss who held the key to the back door. The trash in that place gives everyone this hightened sense of paranoia that sends the hold blood pressure through the roof and twitchy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Sadly our first attempt didn’t get ups through, but just about to where the back door went in. So just to be sure I knew where I was going (more on me and maps for another post) and what to expect, I switched to my big hunter and rode down to Gnomer with my Ravager Rampage and a Spring Robe, low level ammo and Striker’s Mark to have a run around and do a proper scouting run.

Among my sticky notes I included a few observations…

  • Alarm bots patrol the entire zone not just sections of it
  • There are 10 pulls of non-elite gnome packs from the bottom of the first trench of doom to the second boss who has the key, this also included a few patrolling elites
  • From the back door each progressive group of trash grows bigger until you reach the hail marry pull that could end us all
  • The hall of the Engineering labs is full of death, doom and unplesentness that pats around in opposite circles and most likely to sneak up and deliver burny pointy doom.
  • There are 2 trenches of DOOM, both ought to be spelled with capitol letters… the second one deserves a capitol THE.

I spent maybe two hours scouting the entire place, trying to figure a good way of going. This map helped a lot though it is easily just as confusing as actually being there. [map] I remember coming here on Ali when she was just a wee hunter and finding it impossible but there was this sense of challenge. Later filled with dread when I started creating alts, save the engineer, as no one group could ever make it through to the end without replacements or everything just falling apart. You don’t reach something of this difficulty or ‘oh god not here’ till Maraudon, Black Rock Depths and Scholomance.

Attempt two was done to the nines. We’d all gotten some hit gear, enchants, I even ground out a few dozen Heroics to pick up the rogue heirloom equipment and the Upgraded Dwarven Hand Cannon to act kind of as tanking/crazy stuff gear, as I already had the  mail heirloom items good for hunters. We had buff booze, scrolls, elixirs, bandaids… the works.

In the end we had a few bumps and bruises and this whole thing made ICC look like cake in comparison. We had to almost unlearn a lot of our level 80 habits but kiting and Distracting Shot ping-pong were the most used abilities. It was such a relief to take down Thermaplugg and see that achievement go by. Very exciting and a lot of fun. It had a very raid like feel from the marking of targets, how to do each pull, who’s pet tanked what.

Frost and Arth did wonderful write ups and films of the event and you can check them out over at the Warcraft Hunters Union. Or follow the links at the end of the post.

I only managed a few screen shots, wish I had taken more but it did get covered well by our gents with Fraps.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge we decide to take on at the next level cap. 19 was difficult because we had no disengage, no mama regen, missing basically a whole toolkit of things that would have made this a lot less painful… but as they say Beauty is Pain… and that achievement scrolling past was a thing of beauty.

Thanks again to Arth, Bella, Hrist, and Frost for the coverage, the consumeables, the tanking, the wonderful peanut gallery on vent and of course… for proving Hunters RULE!

Till next time… may your shots be steady and your aim true.

WHU articals – For GnomreganRedux

Arth’s Video – Youtube

Frost’s Video – Vimeo