Alihandra Farstrider

Marksman Hunter – Explorer and The Main

The first born, or rolled, whatever. She’s been my main from the beginning and no matter how shiny another character may be or another opportunity she always seems to be the one I go back to. She is a Hunter – a more complex class than most realize – and was chosen as such mostly for the pet and the possibilities of solo play. I came from a game that involved a lot of solo time so I wanted to choose something that came with company. The concept of the class and the depth of the environments we were given to run around in sparked the love of exploration in game and wonder-lust that earned her the last name FarStrider… ultimately because I seemed more interested in exploring and mucking about than buying my mounts so I ran basically everywhere.  Her professions were practical – Skinning and Leather Working – because I could make armor and leaving all those corpses behind me seemed an awful mess. Skinning has become a bit of a love affair, I mean it’s like you get your toy from the cereal box now you take the box top and put it with all the others in the hopes for something cooler. Fishing came up as a means to feed my pet Ferren – first tamed and I still quest with him. It became my peace time, my deep breath before a raid, my time killer waiting for queues, and helped me up my cooking of course. Now a days she is my Raider, geared to the nines, pushing high DPS and trying to push more. She is my money sink, my daily bread winner who always seems to… hate doing dailies. She is my reputation nut and probably holds the largest collection of weapons and items I once used in her bank simply because… well we love them.

Character wise she is an experienced and far traveled hero who doesn’t think she is. She has her good days and bad ones, like anyone else, and sometimes remembers the good ol days of vanilla with fondness rather than frustration. She is a matron, a mama bear, an explorer with little fear who believes in observation over running in head first. Slightly socially awkward at times she just as soon spend a full day wandering around looking for a new fishing hole or a nice view as standing around a city waiting to get into a dungeon since you don’t have to walk there anymore. She has taken other younger heroes under her wing and in her family and tries with all her might to fill gaps and be someone to depend on and maybe, one day; find someone she can let take the lead of the pack. Her companions, for pet is far too small a word for what they do, include a Nightsaber named Ferren who is like a brother to her and was her first tamed. The fearless Worg Iminir who runs at her side in raids and dungeons and most often ends up eating all her damn food in progression attempts. And last but not least the rarely used but highly amusing Rampage – a massive ravager who has an overprotective streak and tends to join Ali on achievement runs or holiday quests. Quiet, focused, curious, determined… a hunter who has paid her dues and continues to even now.

Armory – Alihandra

Alihandra of Wyrmfoe by Linkworshiper