Dawnqui Felweaver

Afflic / Destro Warlock – Humble Tailor and Crackpot

A lot of people get attached to their toons, some more than others. I found myself getting attached to an unlikely individual who was rolled out of mockery and intended to do nothing but hang around a city holding my junk. So attached in fact I loath to roll another warlock and have transferred this one several times.

A lot of people were making fun of Blood Elves in Burning Crusade. So fabulous, so pretty and all those jokes about their hair! So I decided to roll one back on Moon Guard as a bank alt for a Troll I had running around. I endeavored to make him the prettiest, most fabu looking blood elf warlock ever! And I did! He needed a name, a creative good name for a bank alt. Bank alts back in my Final Fantasy XI days were called mules, they held everything and lugged it everywhere. And somewhere from left field came the name Dawnqui. Many thought it was a play on Don Quixote; others didn’t get it until they tried to say it out loud. Either way he was pretty and warlocky and had an awesome name.

So I got him to 10, got his voidwalker and promptly parked him in Silvermoon to wander around and watch the RP and hold all of my Troll’ stuff.

And at some point the troll stopped being as much fun and the warlock began to take on a life of his own. The troll, Sapphiro, was part of a guild spawned from the lovely ladies of wow_ladies community on live journal [link]. The Old School Overlords was an RP guild who ran with a fairly simple and very silly idea: That the bosses of old world post BC had found a way to posses mortals, or had been separated from their bodies by the BC bosses, and were now leading the not so mundane lives of mortal adventurers. The Shaman formerly known as Sapphiron wanted to make himself a new hoard, not a new faction a new collection of junk that was shiny. And one of his shinies was a botched experiment to duplicate the soul separation process done to him and other bosses. He’d chosen a rather innocuous slightly crazy human who loved dogs… Arugal. The incantation killed the Archmage (woopse) but did spawn a portion of his soul… entrapped in the dead body of a poor Warlock in his party that the Overlords had grabbed just to fill a party slot. The life the elf had lead before became muddled with the wisdom, knowledge, and insanity that Arugal had and well the poor boy went a bit bat shit crazy.

Sapphiro took pity on the boy and brought him home, kept him as a shiny and managed to instill enough order in his insane life to bring some sanity back. On his good days the elf is a smart if slightly off and curtous house elf. He’ll do your laundry, enchant your armor, discuss flowers and the incendiary properties of Dwarves over finger sandwiches…  on his ok days he enjoys a rousing game of DoT DoT Dead with local wildlife and farm folk and makes puppets out of fallen foes as well as the occasional Abomi-kitten. On his bad days… well not many survive those. Another unfortunate accident at the beginning of Wrath cost the warlock his eyesight, leaving him only able to track his foes by their magic or the curses he inflicts upon them.

Out of a lack of a better name Sapphiro called him Dawn; it was the only part of his name he remembered before the accident. And because of his mule status well Dawnqui was born. He’s still nutty, pretty and enjoys setting things on fire and haunting them with ghosts of their brethren while munching on Scarlet flavored health stones when needed. A self described ‘humble tailor and enchanter of minor note’ he has little bravado but enjoys his work immensely. His favorite pet is Fzuumon, his felhound which he made a bell collar for so he can hear where he is. Apparently Arugal’s love of dogs persists for he is just a Boy and His Felpuppy. At the moment though the Belf formerly known as Dawnqui is moonlighting as a human warlock so I can play alliance side. But come July that may change.