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Been a while since the last post blah blah blah…

Summer can get a bit stressful. Its hot, muggy, people do things outdoors away from computers, raids don’t go, rise of alts and all that. Heat can burn you out and so can all this information about Cataclysm. Everyone gets so stoked for what is to come many stop seeing a point to playing until its out.

So sometimes a bit of catharsis is in order. Something that just cheers you up and brightens your day and lets all the stress of botched Halion runs or being stuck once again three men short of a full raid team roll off your back.

One of my favorites (besides playing a game involving wildlife and how many I can hit with Corruption before the first one dies affectionately called the Dot Dot Dead game.) is to go into Scarlet Monastery Cathedral wing and go hug the Scarlet Commander, High Inquisitor, and all their friends. At once. I spent a lot of time in there getting my tail handed to me and it was a pain in the ass. Now its just fun to hop on the ill used paladin alt, smack the rocket boots and the Arcanite Ripper and have some fun.

So, the handful of people who actual read this blog, what do you do to blow off some steam or chase the blues away in WoW?


I’ll be gone for a while this week and Internet or consciousness will be questionable as I am going on a road trip to work. Also in other news my Father wrecked my car and its unknown when it will be fixed.

Fear the Mind Controled Moo!

These last two weeks with the 10 man I run in ICC we had a guest, Arth from the WHU, came and Pet Tanked Sindragosa! It was awesome! Check out his article over at WHU and his vid attached. We were very happy to have him with us and will miss him a lot. We still have the baby hunter WHU guild but its a bit different.

I’m also working on ideas for Blizzard’s writing contest and was wondering if other people are partaking this year. I’d love to hear from you.

Anyway back to cleaning up the shop and painting.

Ah the Fire Festival. Where the countryside is burninating for the good of all. This time of year tends to be a bit slow Raid wise and well this is the last holiday till Brewfest so we may as well enjoy it.

This is one of the least difficult meta achievements to get it just takes time. After a few runs on a few alts (Ali, Dawnqui, and Iraka) I figured a fairly smooth path for the Alliance to follow. Arguably Horde can reverse this and probably use it.

This is simply a suggestion of a rout to go, I’m going under the assumption you kinda know what you are doing and you know the world in which you will be travling… and map reading. Seriously.

Follow behind the cut for the routs starting with Eastern Kingdoms, thru Kalimdor and then Outlands.

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Going through all my pictures from the Baby Sharp Beak adventure I found this… it has no place other than by itself…

Your guess is as good as mineThis week’s moment of Random is brought to you by Starbucks Coffee – I’ve had too much.

This past week has been a bit hectic hopefully this week will be less suck…

World of Warcraft, the biggest MMO out there, has dozens of facets for game play and attracts many to its raids, PVP, tournaments, and adventure. But for many there is another aspect, the last three letters on the end of the type of game WoW is. A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game… ie the RPG part. For many people it is the bread and butter of their WoW experience, for others it’s a terrifying mystical world full of horror stories from Goldshire and thus nothing to dabble in… and yes for some it’s prime griefing material. Be that as it may I enjoy RP in a lot of different ways, and for the last two and a half years WoW was the place for me and my creative self and I had a blast. The hardest part of the entire experience besides getting into the thick of things is just making the character to begin with. Sure there is the character creation screen – class, race, faction, name, looks, gender… but to build an RP toon you have to go beyond the pixils and think about who that person is.

I’m sure many people out there played make-believe… gone beyond that to Dungeons and Dragons or Whitewolf games… what about a school play or even simply playing House. You had a role you fulfilled, a goal for yourself as someone who was more or less not you at all yet held a part of you in their core. Keep this in mind and I’ll take some time to describe some processes, key things to keep in mind, and my personal believes behind the creation of a role-playing character.

I’ll be breaking this into a few posts, just for digestion’s sake and avoidance of ‘wall of text’ syndrome. For starters I’ll go through a few concepts and guide lines to keep in mind during this whole process. These are based solely on my own opinions and experience so you might have other views or approaches and that’s good. In the event you have no idea though, maybe these can be a bit of an inspiration.

Pardon mistakes and fubars I kinda went off on this

With a heavy heart and a rather quickly growing agenda I’ll have to put off the construction of MOLL-E for now. I don’t want to but real work is suddenly gone from nothing to well I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this right now kinda busy. So until stuff settles out here, which may not be till after Blizzcon now if projections are correct, my crafting projects are put on hold.

Hate to disappoint but I will get it done… eventually.

*bounces around* I got tickets! I got tickets! Woooooo!

I’m a little more broke now and the rest of the year is going to somehow be miraculously slim when it comes to spending. I’ll have to make my contacts as to my friend who is going with me, the potential pair of people coming with for the vacation end, the airline tickets… Oh don’t forget the 2 weddings just before the convention!!

Oh and you know actual work…

just a short list of things to do

As you can see that’s a fair amount of stuff to do and get done and started… but don’t worry it will get nailed down and done.

I’ll keep you posted!

There is a phenomenon on the internet. Communities of thousands, millions, and more people… many of which never see one another in person. A community of none yet all. We see these things on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal… thousands of ‘social networking’ sites. Places where we reach out into the internet and try to connect. Now I could get super philosophical about the whole thing… but this is a World of Warcraft Blog so we’ll keep things in the scope of well… Wow.

So I pose the question: What does Azeroth Mean to Me? Not only do I ask myself… but I ask you all 58someod people who have stopped by so far. I appreciate every single one of you by the way so thank you.

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A long long time ago, in a vanilla a few years back there was a quest… an epic quest… that took dedication, skill, a lot of travel time and a lack of a fear of fire. Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers was once the best bow in the game and a true testament to the distance a hunter would go for not just the best weapon…but for the pride in knowing they had the ability to do it. Now at 80 and nearing Cataclysm we run into the news that Molten Core, the dungeon where the quest chain begins, will be no more. Ragnaros is trading up for new digs and he has a world tree to burn. Not to mention I’d be sick of some fresh 80 DK rolling into my pad and taking out all my stuff.

This isn’t exactly a guide on how to do it… there are plenty out there. It’s more of an account of my adventures trying to get this done and enjoy crossing off one of my longest standing check boxes on one of my oldest lists.

And for your listening pleasure – Apollo 440 [link ]

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