Even in Nature there are PUGs

Howdy All,

Its been an interesting month or so in the life of me and while I don’t want to bore you too much with all of it I do have some nice pictures to share after the cut below. A quick run down of recent events that I may or may not elaborate on more in the future are as follows…

  • Finally killed that jerk Arthas! It was a lot of fun, very frustrating and it really kind of ended a chapter in my WoW career. I finished an expansion, a part of the game, before the new one came out. And it was hard, challenging, and so totally worth it.
  • On a similar note we went in and took out AQ 40 which knocked off my second to last dungeon achievement. All the classic dungeons are now done and the only one I am missing is Sun Well.
  • In regards to Sun Well I had two chances to go out and knock it out but… well its the tail end of summer and I’m trying to get some of my summer fun in before I spend the next 10 months indoors. I live in New England when summer is over its just snow and rain until summer again. This included my annual trip to Maine to commune with nature and the bottle of several rum bottles.
  • A big congrats to Wyrmfoe for winning 10 spots in beta thanks to a witty and smart entry written by Frostheim of the WHU. 10 members of the guild will be going in as a group to test out the Guild system and various other fun things… like raids and non pug dungeon groups. It will be a lot of fun I’m sure when we all get in there and start breaking things.
  • Expect some more posts more frequently. Now that things have calmed down a bit on my end I expect to have more time to write. This includes stuff I’m doing in game, maybe some writing, screen shots and of course the care and feeding of Sea Horses…

Yeah… you heard me… Sea… Horses…

Beta here I come!

I think I shall name him Nemo

Beta here I come!

First though, those promised pictures.

I thought he'd be green...

A little shimmy n shake for good luck

If you're wondering where the flowers came from... blame the mage.

No king rules forever

And now some non – wow related pictures. The area I go camping in could probably be compared to Grizzly Hills or the Hinterlands. Hope you enjoy.