Ah the Fire Festival. Where the countryside is burninating for the good of all. This time of year tends to be a bit slow Raid wise and well this is the last holiday till Brewfest so we may as well enjoy it.

This is one of the least difficult meta achievements to get it just takes time. After a few runs on a few alts (Ali, Dawnqui, and Iraka) I figured a fairly smooth path for the Alliance to follow. Arguably Horde can reverse this and probably use it.

This is simply a suggestion of a rout to go, I’m going under the assumption you kinda know what you are doing and you know the world in which you will be travling… and map reading. Seriously.

Follow behind the cut for the routs starting with Eastern Kingdoms, thru Kalimdor and then Outlands.

Ali’s Routs

Suggested Items – Potions (Health, Mana, Water walking … or pocket DK/Shammy), PVP Gear if you have it, Epic Mount (Hell any mount of any kind), and Access to your Map. If you can set your hearth to a hub city with portals or a main city it might do you very well. Shattrath would be most ideal if not Dalaran.

Eastern Kingdoms

STV (fires next to one another) A H

Westfall A (at flight point)

Duskwood A (off the road towards STV)

Swamp of Sorrows H (Near Stonard Northern side away from the road)

Blasted Lands A (On the top of the hill before Nethergarde Keep)

FP to Redridge A (Behind the FP)

Burning Stepps A H (Alliance – Next to the FP at the bottom of the hill. Horde – Bottom of the hill near the FP)

Ride through Blackrock and up to Pass to Badlands H (from pass take Left, on right hand side Beware NPC patrol)

Ride to Thasalamar in Loch Mordan A (north on the road outside town from FP)

FP to Wetlands A (just outside of town across bridge)

FP to Arathi Highlands A H (both are just outside the FPs Respectivly)

FP To South Shore A H (Just outside of the towns)

Ride to Silverpine  H (Ride north to the Lake, ride past Dalaran Crater into Silverpine short jaunt to Fire)

Ride North to Brill H (West side of town near Graveyard )

Optional – Undercity (Immediate Left upon first entering Ruins of Lordaeron)

Ride to WPL A (Next to Chillwind FP)

FP Light’s Hope OR Zul’Aman (If you haven’t picked up the new FP half way through WPL do it)

Ride north into Ghostlands H (north side of Tranqueln beware guards on the road )

Ride North to Eversong Woods  H (Fire is at the top of the road near the wall on the Left side of the Dead Scar leading towards Falconwing Square

Optional – Silvermoon City H (Fire is in the WAY back of the city – Ride through the gate straight up the Walk of Elders, Take a Right into Murder Row and up the ramp, flame is to the Right in the Square – Guards are a PAIN!)

Ride to Zul’Aman – FP to Chillwind or Hinterlands AH (Alliance is at the bottom of the hill from the FP… the Horde is on the OPPOSITE side of the entire zone.

Hearth – Depending on where it is (Mine is Dalaran) take a portal OR Make your way to Ironforge.

IF – Fire is in front of the Explorer’s Leigue (good luck hordies)

Ride down from IF to Kharanos for the Flame then back up.

FP down to Stormwind – Ride out to Goldshire then back into the city. The fire is near Stockades.

Take the Boat to Darkshore.


From boat to Stormwind – Take a Left and go to Azuremyst. Alternatively you could start in Exodar if you have hearthed (or can teleport) from Stormwind.

Here you’ll want to snag the fire from Azure Watch; just on the road towards Exodar, then ride or fly north to Bloodmyst, the Fire there is on the road leading to town from Azuremyst. Fly back to Exodar and return to Auberdine – You will have several ‘double backs’ on this trip be warned.

Take boat or FP to Darnassus – Fire is RIGHT there before you port into the city. Enter the city, ride along the main road to Dolanaar and pick up the fire there, down the hill near the moon well. Return to Darnassus FP and go to Auberdine IF you haven’t decided to just pick up that fire which is right next to the FP.

From Auberdine fly to Astranaar, the Flame is just outside town opposite the FP.

Take a Flight up to Everlook (if you must ride take this path – Down the road from Astranaar, turn left up to Felwood, ride north through Felwood pick up FPs along the way. Through the Timbermaw Tunnel, at a Y intersection take a Right. If you go the other way no big deal you’ll be in Moonglade. From there follow the road to another Y intersection, take a Right. Everlook will be on the left, Alliance FP is on the far side.)

Fly to Forest Song – Ride BACK towards Astranaar and past the Horde FP where the Flame is to pick it up.

Optional – Return to Forest Song and ride towards Azshara. Jump into the River and go South (or ride through the orc filled logging camp then down to the river) Use the back door to enter Orgrimmar. Stay on the upper path, when you reach an open area, the road and you turn left and ride straight. Past the Cleft of Shadow towards Thrall’s stronghold. Bare Right and the flame (and tons of horde) ought to be there. The run back after death is from Razor Hill – take the road straight up towards Orgrimmar. From there, after Rez, snag Razor Hill and ride towards the Barrens.

I did go for the fires – so if you didn’t simply ride south into the Barrens, hit X-roads then detour into Durotar for Razor Hill. My plan to take Razor hill’s fire included dying as I expected to in Org so… rez sickness wee

From Razor Hill, ride to the river and south along it to Ratchet, and then make your way towards Mulgore. Bloodhoof village is where the fire is, on the road towards the Barrens.

Optional – Thunder Bluff – The flame is near the Zeppelin landing on Spirit Rise. Either elevator will work to get up there, the front one involves more guards and NPCs

From Mulgore I went across and down to Dustwallow Marsh and over to Brackenwall village, the cut across the swamp and Bay with water walking to Theramore. The flame is between Town and Sentry Point.

FP down to Tanaris and Gadgetzan, snag the flames then go to Silithus. Here’s another double back. The fires are on either side of Cenarion Hold.

From here I flew to Thalaanar in Feralas and rode over to the Horde town in 1k needles, the fire is at the base of the mesa to the right of the road from the Feralas direction.

Then I doubled back and rode through Feralas to Camp Mojache for the fire before yet another U turn back to the FP to fly to Feathermoon for the fire which is below the FP

From there I rode up to Desolace to the Horde town of Shadowprey Village, on the shore, NOT near the Kodo Graveyard and took the flame before going to the Alliance FP to snag the fire.

From Nigel’s point I rode again through the charred vale and found the path leading to the horde FP, and yes went through town it wasn’t too bad. Once back on the road after the fire up to Stonetalon Peak and achievement land… then flew to Darnassus or one could Hearth to a central hub city and begin adventures in…


Took a portal from Dal to Shattrath. This city acts as a central hub for the area and you might find yourself returning here on route to others. For this I needed a flying mount and FPs… if you don’t have either it’s a long ride.

Start at the Dark Portal  or Honor Hold – The Flame is outside near the tower. The Horde flame in Hellfire is right next to the main door to their town. Fly in, snag, fly the hell back out.

Next – Terokkar to Allerian Stronghold. The flame is on the road towards the Bone Wastes. Fly over to Stonebreaker Hold, the flame is on the Forrest side.

From there I went to SMV – Horde fire is on the far side of town near the undead bird men and alliance is near the main gates.

Next stop – Nagrand. The alliance flame is on the Oshugun side of Telaar, while the Horde flame is on the west side of Gardar, the opposite side from the Nessingwary encampment.

Fly up and over the wall into Zangarmarsh. Hit Zabra’jin first, and then scoot back over to Telredor.

Fly over to Blade’s Edge and Sylvanaar. Across the bridge at Thunderlord Stronghold is the horde fire.

From there you can fly up to Toshley’s Station and take a FP up to Area 52.

And that finishes off our tour of Outland!