A long long time ago, in a vanilla a few years back there was a quest… an epic quest… that took dedication, skill, a lot of travel time and a lack of a fear of fire. Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers was once the best bow in the game and a true testament to the distance a hunter would go for not just the best weapon…but for the pride in knowing they had the ability to do it. Now at 80 and nearing Cataclysm we run into the news that Molten Core, the dungeon where the quest chain begins, will be no more. Ragnaros is trading up for new digs and he has a world tree to burn. Not to mention I’d be sick of some fresh 80 DK rolling into my pad and taking out all my stuff.

This isn’t exactly a guide on how to do it… there are plenty out there. It’s more of an account of my adventures trying to get this done and enjoy crossing off one of my longest standing check boxes on one of my oldest lists.

And for your listening pleasure – Apollo 440 [link ]

Back when I was a wee little hunter my good friend Isolimir told me about the wonders of Molten Core and the item he had been hoping to win for a long while – the Ancient Petrified Leaf – and the quest it would send him on. I did a bit of research and on a whim added it to my then very small list of stuff to do at some point. In my research I discovered I’d need a few things beside this old leaf.

Thankfully the items I needed were off of dragons – and I already had a list of ‘Famous Monsters to Skin’ – I just had to get to the point where I could. First was a Mature Blue Dragon Sinew. The only blue dragon I seemed to be able to find anything about was Azuregos up in Azshara. I didn’t take him down till the second or third month of Burning Crusade. The second was a Mature Black Dragon Sinew off of Ony. The first time I killed her I lost the sinew to another player. Around the latter half of Burning Crusade though a good portion of the group I went with just knew ‘it’s some hunter quest item.’ So I added it to my growing pile of ‘hunter must haves’ in my bank.

Around this time too I started making use of bank alts.

As a side project I was also working on what had been one of the coveted sets for Hunters back in the MC days… the Black Dragonscale set. Let’s just say that’s a lot of dead dragons and iron and shortly after achievements were made available I got the last of the scales and a sandwich too. It was kind of a painful process. The set was finished about two months before Wrath came out and joined my ‘outfit’ bags which being on an RP server at the time were overflowing. But it didn’t feel finished; I was missing that one key accessory… Rhok.

Fast forward to the not so distant past, about the time of the 15% ICC buff, after several runs down to MC for fun and giggles but no leaf drop… that I won anyway. After a rather disappointing Saturday of not so much raiding a buddy of mine, Faraz, and I decided hell with it lets hit Molten Core. He’d never been, and as a DK tank was well nigh indestructible. I remembered a lot of things about MC… but I forgot a few things too…

“I forgot about this…”

“Hey what’s this Living Bomb thing?”

Alihandra has died

“Well shit…”

That was the only place we really died and the rest went fairly damn swimmingly. Majordomo doesn’t look as intimidating with 20+ people… he’s a lot more frightening when there’s 2 of you. Also Lucifron is a bit trickier when you pull two packs of core hounds mid ‘and this is how they have to die’ discussion with your exuberant DK buddy. This past weekend we hit ZG and honestly… it was harder than MC. Mind controlled 80s hit like trucks.

More fun with Fire and DBW

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting the Leaf to drop at all, figured I would have to do this a few more times before I actually got what I was looking for but I got lucky. Or maybe my tank was just my good luck charm. Either way it meant it was time to start digging out all those old materials and ancient links and dust off the oldest list I had. Raz was more than happy to help me out the rest of the way with clearing mobs and keeping me company and for that I’m super grateful. I had a vague idea where a few of the demons were but before I got to slaying… I had some trees to find.

I hadn’t been in Felwood since Dawnqui, my warlock, got his infernal. Oh what fun that had been. We found the glade, turned in the leaf and off we went to hunt us down some demons! I did a bit of research – I had to do this on my own no pet even – and apparently these things had some abysmal reset timer. It didn’t take long to determine that maybe some sleep would be a grand idea before I tried this in all seriousness so we called it a night and hit the trails the next day.

As you can see… I found them. It took a while to find all 4 demons, and in the process I found a few other hunters who were doing this quest – one at proper level too. I worried that this could end up taking days to do but thanks to Oh so nice Nelson learned they have an hour reset timer. Which isn’t bad at all. Encouraged by this Raz and I set out, took them down and had some fun along the way.

So another aspiration gets the big ol X in the check box beside it  [X] Get epic armor and sweet weapon (lvl 60)