We all like shiny things, me especially! These last two months have been rather nice to me wallet wise so I splurged on two shiny things for myself that were wow related and I felt I needed to share.

The item that came in the post today I’ve been waiting for now for a week. He’s got big green eyes, and soft fuzzy fur and the cat – Inu – is currently curled up with him. Welcome home to the newest plushy since my 9 inch Dick… Baby Sharpbeak!

Isn’t he adorable? He of course came with the in-game pet who is also adorable and now has me riding my purple gryphon rather than Eggie my green protodrake. Just seems right to do.

The other item was done by a very talented friend of mine who I also asked to do a piece for me in memory of my late grandmother. She passed of Alzheimer’s a year ago now and in her honor Linkworshiper designed this beautiful tattoo I will one day be able to afford and have done. But more wow related, recently she had some commission spots open and I got her to do a colored drawing of Alihandra. Very tempted to have her do one of Dawnqui and my shaman Irraka. You can find her work over here at Deviantart. Do be warned some of her artwork is not for children or those of narrow view points.