I was going to wait till Thursday to close the poll… but something happened.

Dad challenged me!

He took a look at what I was looking at to build ( Read: was looking over my shoulder when I didn’t think he was there) and pointed to the Engineer’s Mailbox and dared me to do it.

So it’s on.

I’ve taken a few suggestions from my co workers and a few wood working magazines and have come up with a few ideas. The below drawings were done in Google SketchUp for the exterior of the mailbox. The interior I’m going to try to do by hand just to practice both styles of doing drawings. Please note this is just a general set up nothing perfect and my first time using the program.

The project is still changing a bit as I continue to muck with things and make plans. Soon I’ll have to head over to Home Depo and a few other stores to take a look at things and somewhere along the line I need to research how to make wood look like metal. But painting can wait till I figure out how to build the thing.

Thanks to all who voted and fear not if you did not get what you wanted… I’m bound to make another one at some point.