I know that a lot of people do it, get involved in it, spend hours a day, several days a week steeped in it… Truth be told it makes good conversation pieces when you run out of junk to talk about. What am I talking about? PUGs and what a gamble they are.  You never know if people being awesome or straight up jerks.

Maybe it’s just me ranting a bit but why on earth does everyone have to be so hostile? I mean, there is always ‘That Guy’ or ‘That DPS’ or ‘That Healer’ or someone that everyone dreads to see in the group make up that makes what should have been a fun experience into 20 to 30 minutes of nerve wracking hell. I get that there are excuses for behavior – youth, inexperience, time constraints, aliens are playing your character, you were born that way…  You can come up with a thousand reasons for why someone might do something – greed, ignorance, lack of care or consideration…

Does not mean a single one of us likes it or want to deal with it… period.

Just so it’s spelled out for those who may or may not be too lazy to remember that people play this, not imaginary pixie people, here are some ways you can improve your own PUG experience:

1) Be Civil – This doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards to be nice but using the right language and remaining calm in a situation can help keep moral up and keep you rolling. Calling people names, shouting (caps and !!! ), failing to use coherent sentences and ‘flipping out’ just adds stress to a situation. You don’t want to be called a noob or jerk or far worse things that we throw around today like paper airplanes, so why the hell would you call someone else it? Just play nice.

2) Don’t Take Stuff That Isn’t Yours (aka Ninjas) –We all know them, we all hate them. It is a product of greed and people thinking they deserve loot as a right, not a privilege. If you need something, as a general rule, you click need. If not greed the item or pass on it (if it makes no difference to you)there’s no need to spam chat with “but I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedz it lol” or some version of the phrase. It’s annoying, childish and if you rolled need on it and can use it then well it’s deserved. However, if you roll need on something you don’t need… YOU DON’T FREAKING NEED IT!

3) Know Your Role – If you do damage, do damage. If your Tank, Tank If you Heal, then heal for the love of bacon. Know that the tank will do his/her job if you do yours. Don’t be a lump, don’t be a mooch, and don’t push someone who isn’t going to budge. As a damage role, I get blamed a lot for shit going wrong. My task is to beat the tar out of the bad guys, but my role also includes making sure I don’t actively do things to take aggro from the tank, keep an eye the healer, and if I need to CC (Crowd Control), be ready to do it. Groups go bad when people step beyond their roles and do things that are someone else’s job.

4) Patience – Some people are* gasp shock and horror* new to their class, their role or even the game as a whole. Some people could be new to a dungeon and need a few, friendly pointers. We all bash noobs for not knowing what we already know, but they won’t learn if they allowed to experience and learn  and make mistakes or are show by someone who has the knowledge. This virtue, as I understand it, does not exist within the context of the online world but it is worth a shot to remind folks it’s there.

I think in the end, the really important rule is very simple. Don’t Be A Dick and people won’t be one to you.  All you need to think about is how the hell you want to be treated in a pug, even if you won’t see these people again, even if its 30 minutes out of your day, that period of time can color yours or someone else’s whole day. A good solid run with people who play fair and know their stuff will take your attitude and your state of mind to a much better place than a crap pug with jerks that takes forever because someone is being inconsiderate.

But this wall of text has probably crit your brain for over 9000 and you won’t listen so I’ll keep it simple.

  • Don’t Be A Dick
  • Do your job
  • Pay your dues

or you are added to the daily MD list and it will not be pretty… for you.