I know what you are thinking… Oh look another World of Warcraft blog. Maybe it will be, maybe it will be something else. There certainly is a lot to write about in WoW. I’ll probably cover a smattering of things – Hunter fun, Warlock wackiness, the joy of pick up groups, questing, exploration, holidays, Role Play, lore… the stuff that kind of sticks out in my mind that I mess with every day I play.

I’ve tried to take this step before but have faultered time and again. Not this time. I will post, I will keep up, I want to take this trip. Especally with that new expansion coming out soon, joining a kick ass raid team, and being inspired by some of the already wonderful people in the WoW community.

So you might ask: What is the Misdirect list?

Well… its…

–          A list of people I get to share my love (read Aggro) with for an evening, for a PUG, for a Raid. I am after all a Hunter; it’s what I do so I do not go squish. Permanent members earn a Macro on my cramped bars.

–          People who DESERVE my personal Aggro for a period of time for transgressions deemed intolerable at that period of time. Sometimes it is not done using the spell Misdirection, and those not on the receiving end have been known to get popcorn to enjoy the show.

–          A list of things I am using to distract myself or to try and focus myself onto to manage my professions, alts, achievements, quests…. You know the ‘to do’ list you write before …oooo something shiny… [Ignores daily quests once again]… what was I doing?

Sometimes, for me, life gets defined by a bulleted list – things to do, stuff to remember, shopping lists, characters to focus on, quests to do, places to explore…  sometimes these lists help me focus, sometimes distract… but a list is far more than just a few short words and a dot of ink. There’s more to my abbreviations and little check boxes than just a reminder. They hold a story, an idea, a dream, a goal, and a bunch of other things in deceptively little space.

Likewise my World of Warcraft characters are more than just the sum of their gear score and pixels. They are more, to me, mostly in my head, than just their DPS ranking or gold accrued or achievement points. It stems from being an only child with a massive imagination that will not stop. The lists define bits of their lives, their trials, tribulations and just about anything else in between.

This adventure, this blog, is my invitation to you the reader to take a look at my lists and their secrets… think about your own… join the conversation. It’s a venting place for all the things in my head that need to be pointed in a direction so they well… get somewhere useful. This is where I am misdirecting my WoW musings and such from the rants to the raids, the exploration talks to the achievement guides and anything else I can think of.

So until next post… keep on keeping on.